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Psychic Medium & Life Coach Anne-Marie
USA Residents Phone or Text 407 433 9581
UK Residents Call or Text 07707 155135 

I am a natural born English Psychic Medium, a Life Coach and Reiki Master/Teacher. I've given survival proof of lost loved ones & accurate readings to thousands of people from all walks of life for many years. I read with or without tools. I can read Palms, Tarot, Photographs, Crystal Ball, Psychometry, Angels & Oracle Cards. I split my time between Hyde Cheshire UK and Kissimmee Florida. Call or email for your consultation in person, by phone or skype. To make an appointment use the link below and pay in advance by paypal. You don't need a paypal account and you can pay by credit card through paypals secure on-line payment system. Satisfaction guaranteed.  
Consultation Times

Consultation Times

 I use my intuition with each person and allow spirit to lead me in the reading and life coaching session. I’m happy reading your energy field. I hear see and sense spirits. I might be drawn to read your palms, look at some of your photos hold a piece of your jewellery, flip some cards, or just talk to spirit and convey their messages. It all depends on what my spirit guides indicate to me what would be in your best interest for your consultation.

During the reading- if I'm sat talking to spirit and I feel you need to know more than I'm accessing. Then, more than likely flip a few cards. As, I use my  cards to assist you in seeing events in the  near future.
They will help you see your choices clearer
 especially when there is a folk in the road.

You can bring me photos of loved ones and ask me to look at them and tell you what I see. I can hold a piece of jewellery that someone has worn and tell you about the vibes I get from it- and quite often we can make a great connection this way. 

I started reading out of my home in Abbey Hey Manchester in
1983. Then in Droylsden Manchester for a year or so until we moved to Florida in 1991. I took a break for a while so my kids could grow up in a normal home. I joined the business world and built several strong businesses. I never gave up my spiritual practices. My intuition and spiritual connections helped me greatly in the business world. In 2009 I was able to take a step back from full time business and focus some time helping others connect with my connection to spirit. I'm still a co-owner of a successful long term property management, rentals and sales business.  The baton has been passed to my children who are now in their 30's. I still consult and oversee the overall running of the business, which helps keep me grounded. I'm an author, a psychic and an accomplished business woman. I am blessed to be able to experience the best of both worlds. My experience in both worlds has helped me help many people over the years. I call it, 'Spiritual guidance for Today's world'.
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My sister psychic mediums are also featured on my website and when looking for a reading- you should always choose who you feel drawn too.  If you have questions.... we have answers. Sending love, light and Angel Blessings to all. 

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