Psychic Readings by Psychic Mediums  
Psychic Readings by Psychic Mediums In Florida  and  Manchester UK   

Your reading is very important to us! We wouldn't advertise recommend a psychic that we wouldn't be happy getting a reading from. All the psychics listed here tried and tested with years of experience. So if you're looking for a good psychic reading you've found the right place! Your future isn't cast in stone. You have free will and the freedom of choice in all areas of your life. Think of your psychic reading as an advance weather forecast. If you know it's going to rain, you'd take your umbrella -right?  Your psychic will show you some of the options available to you.

We call it, "Spiritual guidance for today's world".  

Our psychic readers at 6th Sense Connection have helped thousands of people just like you! Our psychic mediums have years of experience giving psychic readings to people from all over the world, in person or by phone. Annemarie started 6th Sense Connection and has chosen all of the psychics on here for the ability to help others in the spirit of love and light.      

We're often told that our new customers were recommended to see us from their friends who have seen us before. Many of our clients are from out of state, out of country and about 50% of them are locals. Some of our local clients  travel for their psychic reading from Orlando, Kissimmee, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Miami, Tampa,Atlanta and even Tennessee! We're also available for phone readings!  Find us on facebook  email us  or contact us by phone: Here's the links to our contact details 

Psychic Medium Annemarie  Orlando Florida and Manchester UK              tarot readings

Clairvoyant Mari'a   Manchester UK 

Sherre   Palm Coast/St Augustine Florida 

Teketa Shine New York    

Trish  Smith Cassadaga Florida 

Readings by Phone or in Person

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